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Welcome to Morph the Salon

We believe that life is a journey of transformation, and your style should evolve with you.

“Always become a different version of you.” Don’t limit yourself to just one look. Our salon offers a diverse range of services so you can explore different styles to express your unique personality.

Today, you might want a SLEEK silk-out; next week, a CHIC haircut, and next month a BOLD new color. Whatever your heart desires, Morph the Salon is here to make it happen. Style is transformational, and we’re your partner in your evolving hair care journey. We specialize in healthy hair care to ensure you are always looking your best!!

We’re committed to being your partner through every style stage, helping you look and feel your best at every step of the way. Discover your next stunning transformation at Morph the Salon today!

Meet Your Stylist


Candace Walls is a renowned Master Stylist, Natural Hair Care Expert, and Master Educator, shaping the beauty industry with her innovative approach. With over three decades of experience, she earned her cosmetology license during high school, establishing herself as a respected professional since 1993. Candace is a dedicated mentor, guiding industry leaders, educators, stylists, and students. Her expertise addresses hair and scalp issues, showcased through news articles, podcasts, and consultations.

Having developed her natural hair niche over 20 years ago, Candace’s passion for diverse hair types fuels her dynamic styling skills. Growing up in Detroit, the Hair Capital of the World, she effortlessly creates styles from natural twists to full extensions, prioritizing Healthy Hair above all. As a Design Essentials Master Educator, she trains fellow educators, students, and consumers, crafting agendas for natural hairstyles and products. Candace’s global reputation stems from extensive training, making her a sought-after educator.

Committed to staying ahead in the beauty industry, Candace continuously learns industry trends, tools, and techniques. As the owner of Morph The Salon in Houston, TX, she understands the intricacies of running a successful business. Supported by her loving family, Candace’s recipe for industry success combines patience, skill, knowledge, and unwavering determination.

Exclusive Services

Our mission is to make you look good and feel your best!
We offer a range of services from Precision Hair Cuts, Custom Coloring, Hair Extensions, Natural Hair Care and Styling, Locs and Braiding.

Signature Silk Press

Experience the ultimate in sleek, silky, and smooth hair with our Signature Silk Press. We transform your texture into beautiful weightless and hydrated hair.

Color And Highlights

Elevate your look with our Color and Highlights services. Whether you want to add a pop of vibrant color, subtle highlights, or a complete transformation. Our expert colorist will deliver superb results.

Natural Styling

At Morph the Salon, we celebrate the beauty of natural textured hair. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily. We are committed to revealing the best version of your texture.

Services Menu

Our mission is to make you look good and feel your best!

Service Price Duration Category
Silk Press 70.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Consultation 25.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Relaxer (Retouch) 90.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Relaxer (Virgin) 125.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Relaxer (Partial) 35.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Shampoo/ Styled on Relaxed Hair 60.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Permanent Color 60.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Comb Twist 75.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Shampoo/ Style on Natural Hair 65.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Rod Set 75.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Two-Strand Twist Set 75.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Flat Two-Strand Twist Set 70.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Natural Up-Do 80.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Deep Conditioner 25.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Hydration Treatment 35.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Protein Treatment 40.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
STS Treatment 200.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Trim 20.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Haircut 35.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling
Demi/Semi Color 40.00 0:15 Hair Cut & Styling

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